What is a VPN and why should i use 1

1. VPNs provide protection from hackers

When surfing the Internet you leave digital footprints. The most obvious is your IP address, which allows hackers to attack your computer directly. With this, people can steal your data, identity and even your bank details. However, if you surf using a VPN, you can mask your IP address and stay safe.


2. Stream Movies and TV Series

If you use IPTV there are many blocks in place at random times, All aimed as disrupting IPTV Services in an attempt to make you pay a stupidly hight prices subscription for sports.

A VPN can help you get round these blocks.

If you like streaming movies or TV series, then a VPN can give you access to more of the content you love.

Did you know that Netflix has a different choice of content in each country? In the US, subscribers get more content with earlier release dates. If you’re paying the same price for your subscription, shouldn’t you be getting the same choice? With a VPN you can!

Some VPNs allow you to stream Netflix from any country in the world, meaning you won’t miss out your favorite shows.


3. Hide Your Identity!

Streaming porn can be dangerous

Your IP address can leave you exposed to dangers online. However, VPNs can cover your tracks and hide your identity.

Tip for adults: Be sure to use a VPN when you are on adult sites to avoid scams.

In August 2017, hackers attacked the users of ‘Redtube’ with threatening letters. They told victims they had been filmed and their videos would be put online if they didn’t pay a fee.


VPNs hide your IP address using their servers.

VPNs hide your IP address using their servers.

Some countries, including China, Russia, Cuba, and Turkey, have strict censorship laws meaning many websites are blocked. VPNs allow you to bypass these restrictions. The connection between your output device and VPN server is encrypted, preventing government firewalls from viewing your Internet connection. VPNs also allow you to view censored or blocked content and secure your connection against third parties.

Tip: Before travelling abroad, check if the Internet is censored. If it is, choose a provider like our recommended VPN, which specializes in bypassing firewalls.

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