How to install iptv on a Android Box


The best app for any Android Box is XCIPTV.

XCIPTV is a free app and is very user friendly

Simply go to your Android box's web browser and type this in to the address bar


A download will start automatically

Once the download has finished click on

Install .

Once installed click on Open


It really is that simple.

Once downloaded you will be presented with a log in screen

Get the details you need from Admin


Username in the top box

and the Password in the bottom box


(Please note :- All details must be entered exactly how you receive them, Capital letters etc where they exist)


Using XCIPTV is a great way to watch IPTV on the go.

Second connections can be arranged so you never miss another live event or to watch a movie when your away from home.

Check out the subscription pages and look out for multi room connections



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