Need help for Smart IPTV for a Smart TV ?.


Smart IPTV for a Smart TV isnt the best of apps as its very limited.

but if your are forced to use it then theres a few issues you may come across.

Please choose from one of the following help options.


Check Playlist NR1

No TV series Showing

No VOD Showing

White Circle just spinning


Check Playlist NR1

Check Play list NR1 indicates that your TV has lost the playlist.

To fix this is very simple.

All we have to do is get your TV to communicate with the Smart IPTV servers.

Step 1. Clear your TV and routers cache by turning them off at the wall for at least 10 mins.

If your problem persists then proceed to step 2


Step 2. If you see the MAC address on your screen and the 10 example channels then contact admin quoting your Full Name and MAC Address.

Your Mac Address is located on the top right of your screen.


Step 3. Once Admin has reloaded your playlist all you have to do is press Red for settings then press 0 to reload the channels


No TV series Showing

Most Smart T.Vs have a limited amount of cache.Normally 5mb

Our TV series section requires above 11mb of cache to load on to your tv.

If your TV does not have TV series then this is the reason why.

You TV simply can't process the information.

If you are wanting TV Series then you must get yourself a compatible device that can load tv series such as an Amazon Firestick


No VOD Showing

if you have NO VOD showing on your Smart T.V this could be because of a couple of reasons.


Step 1. You need to refresh your app.

This is simple to do.

All you have to do is Press Red on your remote control then press 0 to reload your playlist.

This will pull the latest update to your TV and hopefully you should have the full VOD list now.

If not please go to step 2


Step 2. In some cases the VOD playlist doesn't get added to smart TVs or you have asked for it not to be included.

Contact Admin and they can read the VOD playlist.

Once this has been confirmed as completed do the steps in Step 1
If its still not there then proceed to step 3


Step 3. If after all of the above there can only be 1 other cause of your problem.

Samsung have removed Smart IPTV from there App store and as a result of this your app may be acting up.

The only way to be certain of this is to delete the app and install it again.

If you can not find the app in your App store then this is the case,

you will need to change to a diffrent app like NET IPTV.

go to the downlads section of this website to find out how.



White Circle just spinning

If when your trying to load a channel or during the stream you come across a white circle just spinning around.

This is a clear indicatior that your TV is struggling to establish or keep a quality connection.

To fix this visit the section

Click Here


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