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If you dont have any channels at all on NET IPTV.

this can be casues by only 2 things.


1. Your TV has lost the Playlist

2.Your account has expired.


This can be very frustrating at times but there are things you can do to fix this your self (Sometimes)

in order to fix it you must first understand why it happens.


NET IPTV uses a dedicated server to hold the path to your playlist.

You host uploads your play list to the NET IPTV website attached to your mac adress so that when your Smart TV (With that Mac Adress) connects to there server is pulls the playlist to your Smart TV giving you acess to your channels.

If your Smart TV doesnt have any internet or your app has crashed it will not be able to acess the server or playlist and comes back with an error.

NO Playlist or just examples

or connect failed


If you continuosly try to reload your Smart TV with out fixing the error your Smart TV will just wipe the playlist to protect its self and you will need to get an Admin to resend your M3U file to the Smart IPTV website and for you to reload your Smart TV .


So if you see this screen the first thing you should do is to turn your Smart TV and router off at the wall for at least 10 mins.

By waiting the 10 mins your allowing your Smart TV to release previous built up cache which makes your internet and Smart TV alot faster.

Once the 10 mins has elapsed switch every thing back on and wait for every thing to reconnect.

Go back to smart IPTV and check you have channels.

If you still have the same message do the following

Press 0 on your remote to reload the playlist.If this doesnt work contact your Admin and he will reload it for you


Account has expired


If you think your account has expired please contact your admin and they can arrange an extension for you.

It takes just 2 mins



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