List of common issues on Smart IPTV


Check PlayList NR1.

No Sound.

Frozen APP.

Movies Wont Play.




Check PlayList NR1.

The most common issue with Smart IPTV on any Amazon Firestick is the Check Playlist NR1 issue

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This can be very frustrating at times but there are things you can do to fix this your self (Sometimes)

in order to fix it you must first understand why it happens.


Smart IPTV uses a dedicated server to hold the path to your playlist.

You host uploads your play list to the SIPTV website attached to your mac adress so that when your Amazon Firestick (With that Mac Adress) connects to there server is pulls the playlist to your Amazon Firestick giving you acess to your channels.

If your Amazon Firestick doesnt have any internet or your app has crashed it will not be able to acess the server or playlist and comes back with an error.

Check Playlist NR1

or connect failed


If you continuosly try to reload your Amazon Firestick with out fixing the error your Amazon Firestick will just wipe the playlist to protect its self and you will need to get an Admin to resend your M3U file to the Smart IPTV website and for you to reload your Amazon Firestick.


So if you see this screen the first thing you should do is to turn your Amazon Firestick and router off at the wall for at least 10 mins.

By waiting the 10 mins your allowing your Amazon Firestick to release previous built up cache which makes your internet and Amazon Firestick alot faster.

Once the 10 mins has elapsed switch every thing back on and wait for every thing to reconnect.

Go back to smart IPTV and check you have channels.

If you still have the same message do the following

Hold down the big circle button on your remote control untill you see the circle menu with the spanner in the centre of the screen.


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Press the circle again (Do not hold it in)

a menu should appear


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click on reload playlist


you can try this a few times and sometimes it forces the download.

If this fails please message your Admin to reload it for you,



No Sound.


There are 2 Reasons you may have no sound

1.You may have a small sound icon on the left of your screen.


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If you do dont panic its a very simple fix.

All you have to do is hold down the UP button on your remote control and you will see the sound bar go up.

Keep the button pressed in until you reach the top.

Problem solved.


This is normally caused by sitting on the remote control and holding the down button with ya but cheeks :).


If theres not a speaker icon

2. On occasion the Smart IPTV fails and looses all sound and theres no way to fix this with out having to delete your app and reinstalling it.

Dont worry tho by doing this you wont change your mac adress or have to pay the £4.99 activation fee again.


To delete Smart IPTV do the following

Press Home

Go all the way right to settings

Click on applications

Manage Installed Apps

Find Smart IPTV from the list

Click uninstall


Once its deleted you simply need to install it again.

click here to install the app again




Frozen APP.

On a rare occasion Smart IPTV is totaly unresponsive theres only 2 alternatives

1.Unplugging the firestick from the wall

2.Restarting the firestick using the remote control.


To restart the Firestick using the remote control all you have to do is hold down the Contre Button and the Play/Pause button at the same time and hold them in for at least 10 seconds

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a message will appear on the screen telling you that your amazon firestick is been restarted.



Movies Wont Play.


As you proberbly already know,Firesticks dont have a build in media player.

So in order to get the VOD or Tv series to play you need to install a media player.

The best media player for a firestick is a free app called VLC.


To install VLC

Press home

press left and hightlight the search box

type VLC in to box

click on VLC and click on the orange cone to download it.


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Once downloaded press home

go back to Smart IPTV and click on a movie.

This time a box will appear asking you "open with?"

choose VLC from the list and click always.


Your movie will start and Smart IPTV will remember your selection and it will automatically use VLC for all future VOD and TV series





Buffering can occur for several reasons on a firestick

thankfully theres a solution in the Smart IPTV settings that helps with buffer

Hold down the circle button for a few seconds so you get the circle menu up with the spanner in it


centered image


when you see the spanner press the circle button again (Quick press,Not hold)

select the buffer size option


centered image


and change the selection using the up and down buttons.

The higher you set the buffer size the bigger delay you create.


It basically works by telling your app not to play your live TV channel for 10000 (10 seconds) this gives the app a change to download 10 seconds of the channel then playing it from its storage.

this prevents any buffering you may experience but your channel will be 10 seconds behind


If you have any further issues with Smart IPTV contact your Admin


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